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I am updating this website over the next few days so there will be a few minor changes and updates.

Hello. My name is Nic Summers. I have been shooting Chicago North Shore high school sports digital photos since 2004. My primary day job as an International Flight Dispatcher, located on the 27th floor of the Willis Tower in downtown Chicago working for a very large world-wide airline keeps me busy but affords me time to spend time taking pictures. I have a step-daughter attending Purdue University entering the medical field.

I also currently work part-time as a freelance photographer for the Chicago Tribune Media Group / Pioneer Press I am available to hire out for a local high school sports event. I have this website to post photos on so feel free to browse galleries of games and events that I've shot. Trying to carve out my own little corner of the photography world and I use all Professional Sony and Canon camera bodies lenses in all my work.

You are welcome to view thumbnails or the galleries within the website. If you desire individual photos for your athlete, please contact me directly via phone, text or email. For photo purchases, I store no credit card information on this website and all transactions, if any, are handled through an Iphone app called SQUARE, PAYPAL or you can call me directly for processing of purchased photos or services by check.

If you have suggestions for this site, please don't hesitate to contact me thru the contact link above. I also run and when I find time. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY and CHECK BACK OFTEN.


Please be sure and visit SGS-State Gymnastics Stats for all the latest IHSA gymnastic scores, events and other information.

Here is the link...